• adding external catalogues to your own product base
  • managing catalogues and products in a database
  • integration of PDF catalogues and a shop
  • organisation of customer service and sale processes

Gathering catalogue data and managing it efficiently

An online shop based on GuteShop order system allows the use of PDF catalogues. The tool enables easy stock updates by adding and updating suppliers’ catalogues. Additionally, GuteShop offers multidimensional catalogue management.

Core features of GuteShop:

  • tool using PDF catalogues
  • system of interactive ordering directly from a catalogue page using an internal search engine dividing search results into particular categories
  • interactive catalogue parts faciliating navigation
  • unlimited number of supported catalogues
  • smooth transition between a product in the shop and the catalogue page
  • unlimited number of products in the system
  • inventory management
  • currency aligned with product price
  • price range adjusted to particular clients
  • delivery cost evaluation with regard to order value, product, warehouse location
  • possibility of integration with Allegro and other IT and ecommerce platforms