• effective catalogue data management (texts, graphics, tables)
  • generated multiple page catalogues
  • ready databases for online shops

The programme offers an easy solution for gathering and managing catalogue data.

Input data includes:

  • text descriptions (Word, PDF, OpenOffice)
  • tables with technical data, and prices (Excel etc.)
  • product photos, informational pictogrammes (jpg, tif, eps)

Output material:

  • PDF catalogue of your products ready for print
  • GuteFlip presentation – ready to place it on website, data storage device or CD

GuteManager tool enables multi-faceted management of different format data for publication.

Additional functionalities:

  • designing publication layout
  • data personalisation
  • update management
  • preparation of materials for printing
  • quick data exchange in publications
  • possibility of preparing multi-language catalogues
  • automatic and semi-automatic publication setting